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Spinning Wheel Parts & Accessories

Must-Have Spinning Wheel Parts and Accessories

Spinning is a fun and rewarding process of creating your own yarn from a sliver of fibre. This is done with the use of spinning wheels, either traditional or electronic. Thread Collective offers a wide range of spinning wheel parts and accessories for Ashford spinning wheels, Schacht spinning wheels, Louet spinning wheels, and more. From bobbins to maintenance kits, we have the essentials you need for efficient and convenient spinning.

If you can't find the spinning wheel parts you are looking for, feel free to send us a message and we will be happy to assist you.

Ashford Spinning Wheel Parts & Accessories

Based in New Zealand, the Ashford brand is known for its premium quality spinning wheels. View our range of Ashford spinning wheel parts for sale. We also have a broad range of spinning accessories available. If you are looking for extra bobbins, flyer kits, double treadle upgrades, or a maintenance kit for your wheel, Ashford has you covered.

Louet Spinning Wheel Parts & Accessories

Louet is known for its long history of making high-quality spinning wheels and spinning accessories. If you are looking for Louet spinning wheel parts for sale, Thread Collective offers a broad range of extra bobbins, Irish and Scotch tension flyer conversions, spinning wheel replacement parts, carry bags, and so much more. We also have Lazy Kates and a variety of carding tools from Louet.

Schacht Spinning Wheel Parts & Accessories

Schacht spinning wheels are manufactured in the United States and are known for their quality and workmanship. Thread Collective offers spinning wheel parts and accessories for Schacht spinning wheels, giving local fibre artists a better opportunity to experience an efficient spinning process using the right tools.

Buy Spinning Wheel Parts & Accessories from Thread Collective

Thread Collective is a family-run business that is passionate about spinning and providing the best spinning wheel spare parts and accessories to local spinners and fibre artists. When you buy spinning wheel parts and spinning accessories from this shop, you are not only supporting a local business, but you are also helping promote the industry and craft that you love and have invested plenty of your time on.

Come and browse our collection of spinning wheel parts for sale and find what your spinning wheel needs. We have spinning wheel bobbins, carry bags, drive bands, flyer kits, knobs, and many more. If you don't see the spinning wheel accessories you are looking for, kindly send us a message so we can help you out.

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