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Ashford Traveller 3 Spinning Wheel

New & Improved Traveller Wheel

Say hello to the next generation Traveller, the Ashford Traveller 3 spinning wheel. It features a beautiful, classic upright castle wheel and an aesthetically designed centralised flyer location that is suitable for both left-hand and right-hand spinners.

This 5.5kg (12lb) spinning wheel comes in lacquered and natural finish options.

Traveller 3 Specifications

  • Four-speed single-drive flyer with a stretchy polycord drive band that eliminates any flyer vibration and makes changing ratios (5, 7, 9, 13) a breeze.
  • A sliding hook flyer with three 90mm large-capacity bobbins as standard.
  • Wooden handle threading hook with a longer hook for easier threading.
  • Convenient storage for threading hook.
  • Scotch tension for simple, smooth accurate tension adjustment.
  • A built-in Lazy Kate that can also accommodate Jumbo bobbins.
  • A heavier 405mm (18”) drive wheel offers 20% more momentum and less effort required to treadle.
  • Stainless steel ball bearings, polyurethane hinge and con rod joints, and double treadle for comfortable, balanced, and effortless treadling.
  • Quick and easy to assemble.
  • Compact footprint.