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Ashford Wide Drum Carder 12" - 72 PPSI | Ashford Australia

Ashford Drum Carder Wide - 72 PPSI - 30cm / 12" Width

The Ashford wide drum carder features a huge 30cm working width that allows you to make large batts, and easily prepare your fibres and blend colours.

Process latch batches to small quantities. Ashford has improved on their previous model offering more control and flexibility over the carding process.  

The controlled intake ensured fibres are carded into smooth, even batts ready to be blended, spun into yarn or used for felting. A great feature of the wide Ashford drum carder is its adjustable drum clearance, this allows you to set the exact teeth distance providing total control over your fibre.

The wide drum carder is only available with 72 point carding cloth and is suitable for a wide range of microns, from fine combed slivers and tops to courser locks.  If you are working with very fine fibres you can pass them through the carder for a second time.  For art batts, the fibres can be fed straight onto the drum. 

The wide Ashford drum carder has been built to last.  It is made from solid Silver Beech hardwood and features nylon bearings to ensure it is light and easy to turn. The carding cloth has been treated with a special protective coating and has a flexible rubber backing to ensure longevity.  The Ashford wide drum carder comes assembled, lacquered and ready to use.

Production Specifications

  • 30cm (12ins) width
  • Produces a large 100gm batts
  • Adjustable drum clearance
  • Available only with fine (72 point) cloth   

If this product is on backorder, it will be dispatched direct from Ashford as available. Please contact us for the availability date.