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Hand Cards - Prepare Your Fibre For Spinning & Felting

Tools for Fibre Preparation

Hand carders are used to prepare fibre for spinning and felting. They come in the form of wooden brushes with wire teeth that can be either coarse or fine, depending on what they are used for. 

Hand cards are lightweight, portable, and very easy to use, especially for beginners. Cotton and wool carders are used in pairs and can blend different fibres and colours together. Use hand cards to create rolags and mini batts ready to use for your spinning or felting projects. 

Looking for hand carders for sale in Australia? Thread Collective offers a range of hand carding tools from Ashford, Schacht, and Louet that are built for hand carding wool and cotton fibres. If you can't find what you are looking for, feel free to drop us a line anytime and we will be happy to assist you.

Buy Hand Carders Online at Thread Collective

Here at Thread Collective, we want to make every fibre artist's life easier by providing the essential tools for weaving and spinning. We have one of the biggest collections of hand carders Australia has. This includes cotton and wool carders, in the form of hand carders and drum carders, which are extremely handy in fibre preparation. 

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Hand Carders: Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about cotton and wool carders here.

What is Hand Carding?

Hand carding is the traditional method of preparing fibres, especially wool, for spinning. The purpose of the hand carding process is to separate and straighten fibres in order to get them ready for spinning or felting. Hand carding is ideal for small to medium batches of fibre. Should you plan to work with larger amounts of fibre, you might want to try using a drum carder.

What Does TPI Mean in Hand Carders?

TPI or the number of teeth per inch determines how closely the teeth are packed together in the hand carder. TPI is also often referred to as PPSI or point per square inch. The higher the TPI number in a carder, the finer the carded fibre will be.

Are the Ashford Hand Carders sold individually or in a set of 2?

The Ashford Hand Carders are sold in pairs. This is because hand carding brushes are also used in pairs when preparing fibres for spinning or blending coloured fibres in the traditional way. 

What are the dimensions of the classic hand carder?

The Ashford Classic Hand Carders measure 205mm (8") wide and 155mm (4 1/2") long for the paddle cloth. Including the handle and cloth, it's 250mm (9") long.

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