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Weaving Books - Inspiration, Patterns & Drafts

Hand Selected Weaving Books that will Educate & Inspire

A collection of the best weaving books from the basics of weaving through to inspirations books for 40 Shaft drafts.

Books to Help the Beginning Weaver

So you’re learning how to weave. This collection of books has been picked as a reference to get you started and to inspire you for your first projects. We have books to teach you, step by step, how to weave on a loom and weaving pattern books for three and four shafts.

Advanced Weaving 

A range of books to take you from 8 Shafts and beyond. 

Weaving Inspiration

Get inspired with weaving drafts and inspirational projects.

Rigid Heddle Weaving Books

Books to get you started with your rigid heddle loom and ideas to take your project to the next level.

Modern Frame Loom Weaving

A great place to start weaving, learn and expand on frame loom weaving.

Macrame Books

Learn macrame techniques, knotting and how to combine with modern weaving techniques.

Tapestry Weaving Books

Tapestry as an art form, learn, reflect and inspire. 

Dyeing Books

Dyeing techniques to take your fibre journey to the next level.

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