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Weaving Loom Kits

Our Specially Curated Weaving Loom Kits

Welcome to our collection of Ashford Weaving Loom Kits! At Thread Collective, we are passionate about bringing you the finest craftsmanship in the world of textiles. Our comprehensive weaving kits let you explore the beautiful world of weaving. They're perfect for creating all kinds of woven wonders.

What's In Store?

  • Inkle Loom Starters Kit - For beginners and those who love portable weaving, the Inkle Loom Starters Kit is your gateway to weaving excellence. Create colourful bands and straps with ease.
  • Card Weaving Complete Package - Delve into the ancient art of card weaving with this amazing package. Perfect for those seeking a more complex inkle weaving experience.
  • Rigid Heddle Loom Beginners Weaving Loom Kit - If you're just starting your weaving journey, the Rigid Heddle Loom Beginners Weaving Kit is your perfect companion. It's super easy to learn and ideal for honing your skills.
  • Rigid Heddle Loom Ultimate Weaving Loom Set-Up - Experience the ultimate weaving satisfaction with the Rigid Heddle Loom Ultimate Set-Up. A versatile and user-friendly loom for all your weaving projects.
  • Knitters Loom Beginners Weaving Kit - If you're a knitting enthusiast looking to explore the art of weaving, our Knitters Loom Beginners Weaving Kit is the ideal starting point. This kit will have you weaving beautiful, textured fabrics in no time, adding a new dimension to your creative pursuits.
  • Knitters Loom Complete Weaving Loom Package - This package is perfect for those who adore textile artistry in all its forms. If you are a weaver slash knitter with a sizeable stock of knitting yarn, you can surely use your supply to weave up fabrics on the Knitters Loom.
  • Jack Floor Loom Weaving Package - Unleash your artistic potential with this floor loom weaving kit. Crafted for the experienced weaver, this kit provides the tools and versatility needed to create intricate patterns and larger textiles.

We also have the highly coveted Ashford Complete Weaving Kit, as well as our specially curated Beginner Multi-Shaft Weaving Package and 8-Shaft Weaving Package.

Why Choose Our Ashford Loom Kits? 

Ashford is a trusted name with decades of experience in weaving. When you pick Ashford, you get:

  • Trusted Quality: The Ashford looms and weaving accessories are made with strong and long-lasting materials.
  • Creative Freedom: You can make all kinds of cool stuff with these looms, whether you are a complete beginner or an aspiring weaver.
  • Comprehensive Packages: Each kit includes all the essentials you need to get started.
  • Easy to Use: Ashford looms are user-friendly for weavers of all levels.

When you choose one of our Ashford Weaving Loom Kits, you're not just investing in a tool; you're investing in a journey of self-expression, creativity, and connection to a timeless craft. Join the ranks of artisans, hobbyists, and dreamers who have harnessed the power of Ashford looms to weave their stories.

Ready to dive into the weaving world? Start your journey with an Ashford Weaving Loom Kit now and let your creativity shine!