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Ashford Complete Weaving Kit

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Everything You Need to Get Started Weaving

Get ready to explore the wonderful art of weaving with the Complete Weaving Kit by Ashford. This kit is a limited edition and is only available while stocks last.

For your first project, you can create a beautiful light scarf that you can give as a gift to your friends, family, and even yourself. You'll find this super easy as the kit includes full instructions on how to weave a sophisticated, luxurious, lightweight, and cosy scarf or shawl.

If you're just getting into weaving, this kit will help you learn the basic techniques. It comes with an Ashford SampleIt Loom, which you can use to weave all sorts of patterns as your weaving skills progress.

The Ashford Complete Weaving Kit includes:

  • 40cm (16") SampleIt Loom
  • 100gm skein of Ashford Merino Bouclé Looped yarn (85% fine 22 mic Merino 15% Nylon binder)
  • Instructions on how to weave a scarf or shawl
  • Canvas carry bag to fit the 40cm (16") loom and accessories
  • One 30/10cm (7.5dpi) reed
  • One 20/10cm (5dpi) reed for yarn included in the kit
  • 2 Shuttles
  • Warping Peg and Clamps
  • Finishing Wax Polish
  • Learn to Weave on the SampleIt Loom booklet
  • The Ashford Book of Rigid Heddle Weaving