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Corriedale Wool Fibre: Spinning & Felting Handicraft Arts

New Zealand Corriedale Wool

Corriedale wool, known for its softness, strength, and versatility, has become a popular choice among artisans and crafters in the spinning and felting community. With its unique qualities and wide range of applications, Corriedale wool fibre opens up a world of creative possibilities for those interested in the textile arts.

Why Choose Corriedale Wool?

Corriedale wool is easy to spin and felt due to its smooth and easy crimp. The boutique New Zealand mill ensures a consistent and quality product. Corriedale does bulk after washing and retains elasticity, ideal for spinning fine to bulky yarns. Corriedale is a great choice for woven, knitted and baby goods.

Our Corriedale Wool Sliver is a 100% New Zealand product, sourced from generational farmers who pasture feed their sheep. The sheep are not mulesed and the farmers adhere to a high standard of animal husbandry.

Spinning with Corriedale Wool

Spinning is the art of transforming raw fibre into yarn, and Corriedale wool excels in this area due to its versatility and ease of handling. Here are some key points to consider when spinning with Corriedale wool:

  • Before spinning, it is advisable to card or comb the wool to align the fibres using hand carders, drum carders, or fibre combs, in order to remove any tangles or impurities. This process enhances the quality of the yarn and ensures smooth spinning.
  • Corriedale wool is known for its excellent spinning properties. It can be spun using various techniques, such as worsted or woollen spinning, allowing artisans to achieve different yarn types with distinct characteristics. Experimentation with spinning techniques can yield a wide range of yarn weights, textures, and finishes.

Felting with Corriedale Wool

Felting is a technique that involves tangling and matting wool fibres together to create a solid fabric or three-dimensional objects. Due to its special characteristics, Corriedale wool is an excellent material for felting projects. Here are the reasons why:

  • Both wet felting and needle felting techniques work well with Corriedale wool because it felts smoothly and readily. Corriedale wool's capacity to maintain its shape during the felting procedure offers outstanding results whether you're making hats, slippers, sculptures, or wall hangings.
  • One of the remarkable features of Corriedale wool is its high degree of colour absorption. This enables artists to play around with dyes and produce rich, durable hues in their felted works. The artistic options are expanded by the wool's capacity to preserve the colour intensity.

Buy Corriedale Wool Fibre in Australia

For both spinners and felters, Corriedale wool fibre provides a world of artistic expression and inventiveness. It is a popular option for a variety of handicraft tasks due to its softness, strength, and versatility. Corriedale wool will excite and enchant you with its unique attributes, whether you're an expert craftsperson or a novice learning about spinning and felting.

Embrace the craft of spinning and felting with Corriedale wool, and see your designs come to life as they are both aesthetically pleasing and useful. Browse our curated selection for Corriedale wool fibres and find the perfect fibre to use for spinning or felting.