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      Corriedale Wool Fibre: Spinning & Felting Handicraft Arts

      Corriedale Wool Fibre: Spinning & Felting Handicraft Arts
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      New Zealand Corriedale Wool

      Our Corriedale Wool Sliver is a 100% New Zealand product, sourced from generational farmers who pasture feed their sheep. The sheep are not mulesed and the farmers adhere to a high standard of animal husbandry.

      Corriedale fibre is easy to spin and felt due to its smooth and easy crimp. The boutique New Zealand mill ensures a consistent and quality product. Corriedale does bulk after washing and retains elasticity, ideal for spinning fine to bulky yarns. Corriedale is a great choice for woven, knitted and baby goods.

      Corriedale fibre measures 27-30 Microns with a staple length of approximately 11cm.