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Louët Weaving Looms

Louet Lease Sticks from $41.00

Produce wonderful works on Louet weaving looms

Louet looms are world-famous across weaving guilds and textile art communities. The quality, make, and variety produced by this specialised brand offers a whole host of options that cater to diverse weaving styles. We are proud to provide these options to weavers, knitters, and fibre artists throughout Australia, along with all the tools, yarn suppliers, and equipment that any hobbyist could need. 

As an established hallmark of quality and affordability, these essentials are the ideal foundation for excellent weaving work. With one or more in your collection, you can easily produce works for production, presents, or your artistic pleasure. They also accommodate options for inkle weaving, table weaving, and all other wonderful varieties within the weaving spectrum with excellence and quality.

The question is: which of these options is right for you?

Express yourself with the help of Louet table looms

These designs are one of our most requested items for dedicated weavers. Ideal for medium to large works, the Louet table looms can be set up on a convenient surface and secured with clamps.

Often just one of the tools that are used for textile art, Louet is one of the most common makes of tabletop options across the globe.

Produced in an array of sizes and styles, there is a model to fit your vision. We recommend the Louet Jane as a go-to for most table weaving needs, suitable for experienced weavers and professionals.

These designs are ideal for travel, smaller spaces, and versatility. Combined with tools to suit your preferences and technique style – like a floor stand, should you wish – the frames are made to be durable and able to stand the wear and tear of frequent use.

In search of a Louet Spring Loom?

Spring looms are one of Louet’s specialties. Crafted by weavers, for weavers, the spring system is a reliable, secure setup that maintains ideal tension between warp and weft as you work.

These frames require more technical knowledge when setting up and weaving, and are often purchased by experienced weavers, as a result.

The springs on these are designed to ensure a smooth, efficient workflow with ease. Automatically returning the rattle upon release of a pedal, large works stay even and balanced throughout the weaving process.

We appreciate this feature within spring tools and are thrilled to supply our weavers with these models with Australia-wide delivery, and excellent prices.

Explore limitless possibilities on large weaving looms & weaving machines

Louet offers a variety of floor looms that allow you to weave large pieces of fabric, as well as mechanical and computer Dobby looms that will make your weaving process, fast and efficient with the use of modern technology. Have fun experimenting with different types of weaving yarn in your projects.

Louet Weaving Supplies

Not only does Louet have some of the best weaving looms in the market, but they also have plenty of weaving supplies and accessories to aid in your tapestry, table, or floor weaving, such as loom stands, reeds, fly shuttles, warp beams, and many more.

Your Trusted Louet Looms Supplier in Australia

The fibres of Thread Collective’s work are woven with passion, dedication, and expertise. We infuse these qualities in all that we do, from sourcing the best tools, weaving looms, yarns, and equipment for textile art, to advising our customers on the best choices for their creative vision.

As a result, we’ve built up a reputation for excellence in the world of fibre arts, resonating with Louet’s own well-established work. If you’d like to experience weaving for yourself, consult our customer team or browse our range to find your perfect fit.