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Plant and Animal Fibres for Spinning & Felting

Spinning and felting are ancient crafts that have been practised for centuries, and the choice of fibre plays a crucial role in the quality and characteristics of the final product. While synthetic fibres have gained popularity in recent years, plant and animal fibres continue to captivate artisans and enthusiasts with their natural beauty, sustainability, and unique properties. 

Get Started Spinning & Felting with Ashford Fibres

The creative world of spinning and felting fibre offers a myriad of possibilities for fibre artists and enthusiasts alike. Plant fibres and animal fibres provide a wide spectrum of textures, strengths, and aesthetics, allowing for boundless creativity in crafting projects.

Apart from the wide range of fibre options, Ashford also offers a variety of fibre packs to help you get started on spinning & felting. These packs allow you to experiment with beautiful fibres of different colours.

As you embark on your spinning and felting journey, remember to embrace the sustainable aspects of these natural fibres, supporting environmentally conscious practices while enjoying the satisfaction of working with materials that keep our connection to our ancient textile heritage. 

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Looking for top-quality fibres for spinning and felting? Our range of Ashford fibres might have just what you need! Choose from linen, wool, silk, Tencel, and more! If you can't find what you are looking for, feel free to drop us a line and we will assist you the best way we can.