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Ashford Linen Fibre - 100g & 1kg

Multi-Purpose Plant-Based Fibre

The Ashford linen fibre is great for many uses. Flax or linen is strong and durable, moisture absorbent, does not contain allergenic properties, and softens with time and continued use. It has a wide variety of applications, such as in clothing, furnishings, household fabrics, yarn, and rope.

Linen (also known as flax) is a strong, moisture absorbent, natural fibre. Linen is a bast fibre that can initially feel coarse to the touch. If you have had a linen garment you will notice the linen softens with use and this linen will do the same. Spin your own natural yarn or combine with one of our speciality fibres for a unique yarn that can be used for a variety of applications.  

This linen is unbleached and has a beautiful golden straw colour. Available in 100g and 1kg portions.