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Alpaca Fibre Australia: Spinning & Felting

Alpaca Fibre & Alpaca Silver

Alpaca fibre has become increasingly popular in the textile industry due to its softness, warmth, and durability. It is a highly sought-after material for spinning and felting, and for good reason. Let's explore the unique characteristics of alpaca fibre and how it can be used for spinning and felting.

What is Alpaca Fibre & Where Does it Come From?

The alpaca, a domesticated South American mammal related to the llama, is used to produce alpaca fibre. The fibre, which can range in colour naturally from white to black with hints of brown, grey, and fawn in between, is shorn once a year, usually in the spring. The fibre has a velvety softness similar to cashmere or mohair and is naturally hypoallergenic.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of alpaca fibre is warmth. It is ideal for apparel in cold climates because it is three times warmer than sheep's wool. Due to the natural moisture-wicking properties of alpaca fibre, it won't feel damp to the touch until it has absorbed up to 30% of its weight in fluids. For those who prefer outdoor activities or live in humid climates, this makes it a terrific alternative.

How is Alpaca Fibre Used?

Alpaca fibre can be spun on a variety of spinning wheels or drop spindles, and the resulting yarn will have a natural sheen and drape. This fibre is known for its softness, durability, and luxurious appeal, which is why it has become a favoured choice for spinners seeking to create exquisite yarns.

Felting is another popular use for alpaca fibre. Alpaca fibre can be felted using both wet felting and needle felting techniques. It's worth noting that different Alpaca fleeces can vary in their felting properties. Some fleeces have a higher percentage of guard hairs, which are coarser and less suitable for felting. Therefore, it is often recommended to select fleeces with a higher proportion of fine, soft fibres for felting projects.

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