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Venne Yarns

Yarns with Beautiful Textures, Colours, and More

Venne yarns are versatile and essential yarns that are used in a variety of crafts and projects. From knitting and crocheting to weaving and embroidery, the type of yarn used can greatly impact the final result of your project. With so many different types of yarns from Venne, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your project.

Learn more about the different types of yarn from Venne and find out which one your project needs.

Egyptian Cotton Yarn

Egyptian cotton is a premium, high-quality cotton that is grown in Egypt and is known for its long and strong fibres. These fibres produce a yarn that is soft, durable, and has a beautiful sheen, making it a popular choice for textile products.

In weaving, Egyptian cotton yarn is often used to produce high-end, luxurious fabrics such as bed linens, towels, and clothing. In knitting, it is often used to produce lightweight, breathable garments and accessories such as summer tops, shawls, and baby clothes. In crochet, it is often used to produce delicate lacework, doilies, and tablecloths. 

Linen Yarn

A type of yarn created from flax plant fibres is called linen yarn. Lining yarn is a preferred option for weaving, knitting, and crocheting tasks since flax fibres are renowned for their strength, resilience, and sheen.

Linen yarn is often used to weave fabrics like tablecloths, napkins, and towels, as well as dresses, skirts, and blouses. In knitting and crocheting, linen yarn is often used for creating summer garments such as tanks, tees, and lightweight cardigans. The natural sheen and drape of linen lend a beautiful, elegant look to these pieces.

Cottolin Yarn

Cottolin yarn is a blend of cotton and linen fibres, commonly used in weaving. It can vary in texture, depending on the ratio of cotton to linen and the thickness of the yarn. Generally, cottolin yarn is known for its strength, durability, and absorbency, as well as its ability to hold colour well.

In weaving, cottolin yarn can be used for a variety of projects, including towels, table linens, and clothing. It is often used for items that need to be absorbent, such as dish towels, because of its cotton content. Cottolin can also be used for decorative items, such as placemats and table runners, because of its sheen and ability to hold vibrant colours.

Silk Yarn

Silk yarn is a type of yarn made from the fibres of the silkworm cocoon. These fibres are collected and spun into a thread or yarn that is soft and shiny with a smooth texture.

In weaving, silk yarn is often used for creating luxurious and high-end fabrics such as silk scarves, blouses, and dresses. Silk yarns can be used alone or in combination with other fibres to create a variety of textures and patterns. When woven, silk yarn produces a smooth, lustrous, and lightweight fabric that drapes beautifully.

Mohair Yarn

Known for its softness, sheen, and durability, Mohair yarn is used in weaving, knitting, and crochet to create warm and cozy garments, such as sweaters, shawls, and scarves. Due to its lustre and drape, it is also commonly used for making upholstery fabrics and decorative items such as rugs and tapestries.

Wool Yarn

Wool is a popular choice among fibre artists due to its natural warmth, softness, and durability. Wool yarn can be used to create various types of fabric, from thick and sturdy blankets to delicate and lightweight scarves. Wool yarn is known for its elasticity and durability, which makes it ideal for creating textured fabrics that can withstand wear and tear.

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