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Venne Wool Yarns

Merino, Mohair, and More

Wool comes from many different breeds of sheep. As a warm fibre, wool is perfect to use for knitting sweaters, scarves, jackets, hats, and other cool-weather garments. Browse our range of Venne wool yarns well-suited for beginners and is great for a number of project styles. This brand is known for its high-quality organic yarns.

Wool Yarns for Weaving, Knitting, and Crochet

In weaving, wool yarn is typically used as the weft, or horizontal thread, that is woven through the vertical warp threads on a loom. Wool yarn is popular for weaving because it is soft, warm, and has a natural elasticity that makes it easy to work with.

Wool is also a common material for knitting because it is warm, sturdy, and has a built-in stretch that makes clothing comfortable to wear. Wool yarn is available in a variety of weights or thicknesses, from thin lace weight to bulky weight, and can be used to make a variety of knitted items, including hats, scarves, sweaters, and blankets.

Additionally, wool yarn is preferred for crocheting as well because it is cozy, supple, and simple to handle. Additionally, it comes in a range of hues and textures, enabling crocheters to make a number of designs, from straightforward scarves to complex blankets.

Buy Venne Wool Yarns Online

Here at Thread Collective, we stock the best wool yarn Australia has to offer. With quality, strength, and durability guaranteed.

Whether you're in need of some high-quality merino wool yarn, premium silk-wool blend, or you want to bulk buy wool yarn, we promise to deliver exactly what you need to ensure the smooth running of your next handicraft project.