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SeaCell™ Yarns Australia: Weaving & Knitting Yarns

Smooth, Breathable Silk Alternative Derived from the Sea

SeaCell™ is a viscose fibre that utilises seaweed as its cellulose fibre, manufactured in the same way as lyocell (Tencel), an eco-friendly process that does make use of harmful chemicals. Coming from seaweeds, which is naturally available in aquatic ecosystems, it is a sustainable fibre with many benefits. SeaCell yarn is also a sustainable silk based alternative, it is biodegradable and harvested to Oeko-Tec standards.

Seacell yarns are light, breathable, and feels soft against the skin. The fibres absorb moisture extremely quickly, faster than cotton, and the innate properties of the seaweed result in a fabric that is antibacterial.