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Weaving Shuttles - Stick, Boat, Honex, and More

Which Weaving Shuttle Will You Choose?

In the weaving of fabrics, weaving shuttles are spindle-shaped devices that are used to carry the weft threads through the warp. 

Stick Shuttles

A stick shuttle is a flat, narrow piece of wood featuring notches on each end. It is the simplest type of weaving shuttle and is easy to use with small looms, especially on rigid heddle looms and table looms with narrow sheds.

Boat Shuttles

Boat shuttles are sold in different sizes, may have an open or closed bottom, and are often used with floor looms that feature a raise to guide the boat shuttle from one edge of the weaving to the other.

End-Delivery Shuttles

End-delivery shuttles are known for being lightweight, being easy to throw and catch, and being adjustable to different types of yarn.

Ski Shuttles

Designed to hold medium to heavy yarns, ski shuttles are used by wrapping yarn horizontally around the top. This leaves a smooth bottom that will allow the weaver to slide the shuttle seamlessly across the warp.

Buy Weaving Shuttles Online

Thread Collective offers a range of weaving shuttles to suit almost all your weaving projects. From handmade timber boat shuttles to fly shuttles, you'll surely find the right shuttle to use with your weaving loom.

We have all kinds of shuttles from different brands, including Bluster Bay, Ashford, Schacht, Leclerc, and many more. If you can't find what you are looking for, drop us a line and we'll be happy to assist you.