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Ada Fibres Australian Cotton Yarn

Premium Quality Australian Cotton Yarns

Take your weaving, crochet, and knitting projects to the next level with premium quality Australian cotton yarn that has been ethically sourced from a farm in St George in South West Queensland.

Environmentally conscious yarn suppliers Ada Fibres and Full Circle Fibres have collaborated to bring you a range of beautiful, luxurious cotton yarn you will definitely love to use in your projects!

The collection includes a lace weight weaving yarn, sock yarn for knitting and crochet, and an extra-fine laceweight yarn for weaving and stitching.

The colour range is planned to grow with future releases and your support will ensure this range of Australian cotton yarns becomes a lifelong favourite. 

Australian Super Cotton Story and Farming Practices

For the past seven years, Australian Super Cotton has been a dedicated grower of Australian Long Staple (ALS) premium cotton varieties. They play a major role in the Australian cotton industry's "Premium Cotton Initiative."

Producing premium cotton doesn't just stop at selecting the right cotton varieties. A lot of the product's features and characteristics have to do with where it is grown, in a hot, dry area of Australia.

The Australian Cotton Yarn is grown in St George in South West Queensland, the ideal setting to grow specialty cotton, with water coming from the Balonne River and access to two ginning plants within less than 50 kilometres.

Glenn Rogan, the producer of Australian cotton, voluntarily uses Best Management Practices (myBMP) whilst growing his cotton. It enables full traceability of the material, from the end product right back to which paddock the cotton was grown in by individual farmers.

Farming at AUSTRALIAN SUPER COTTON is a labour of love. This collaboration between Ada Fibres and Full Circle Fibres aims to improve fibre quality and consistency while reducing their impact on the land.

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At Thread Collective we are handicraft lovers like you. We love weaving, knitting, crochet, and all kinds of fibre art! We know you invest a lot of time into your craft. That’s why we’re passionate about connecting local weavers and textile artists like you with premium quality cotton yarn brands.

We have scoured and sourced the best cotton yarn, knitting and crochet yarn, weaving yarns, and supplies from top brands around the world and locally. We are continually evolving our range of cotton yarns for knitting, crochet, and weaving, and looking for new opportunities to work with local manufacturers to broaden our locally sourced products. 

Shop our range of Australian cotton yarns and find the perfect yarn for your next project.