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Drum Carders | Ashford and Louet

What is a Drum Carder?

A Drum Carder is a simple and easy to use tabletop device that allows you to card wool and other fibres when preparing them for spinning or felting. Carding is a mechanical process that detangles, cleans, and combines wool fibres to produce a continuous web of fibres that is ideally suited for processing.

How to use a Drum Carder

This type of carding machine consists of two main parts: the drum and the beater. The drum features an outer surface with teeth on it and an inner surface with grooves. These are called "teeth" and "groove" respectively. When it rotates at high speed, the teeth move through the fibre mass and push out any impurities such as dirt, dust, and lint. Meanwhile, the groove catches the fibres and pulls them into the centre of the drum where they are mixed together.

Why use a Drum Carder?

One of the great advantages of using a mechanical drum carder over the traditional hand cards is that it makes processing both raw or washed wool fibres into beautiful, uniform wool bats a lot easier.

This tool also makes it easier for fibre artists to be creative and produce interesting blends of dyed wool colours, as well as mixing wool with other fibre products, like silk and alpaca, to create truly unique and ultra-soft wool-based clothing products to wear or to sell.

What are the different types of drum carders available?

Drum carders are available in both manual and electric options. These are also available in a variety of widths and with different TPIs to suit your fibre needs.

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