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Ashford Wild Drum Carder 4" - 72 PPSI | Ashford Australia

Wild Drum Carder - 72 PPSI - 10cm / 4" Width

Explore all sorts of yarn art with the Ashford Wild Drum Carder. It lets you prepare your fibres for spinning wild yarn at with utmost ease. Create and mix your own blends and colours, and have fun carding different types of fibres, fabric, feathers, ribbon, and many more.

The Ashford Wild Drum Carder is lightweight, but strong. It comes in a convenient size, making it easy to hold and carry. This versatile tool features a durable card cloth with wire teeth that's equipped with a special protective coating and a flexible rubber backing.

With the adjustable drum clearance, you'll find it easy to set teeth distance and control your fibre. It also comes with nylon bearings that make it light and easy to turn, as well as rubber feet to prevent slipping.