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Flax (Linen) Fibre: Spinning, Felting, Papermaking

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Flax Fibre for Spinning

Flax is a bast fibre obtained from the stem of the flax plant. Flax is the raw fibre from which linen is spun. With a rich history that dates back thousands of years, this plant has been used for everything from clothing to paper.

Flax fibre is soft, shiny and flexible. It has less elasticity than cotton but provides superior strength. When you first start spinning or working with flax, it may feel stiff, but with use and heat, the fibres break-in, creating a softer, breathable fabric. 

How to Use Flax Fibres for Spinning

Because flax fibres are so durable and resilient, many people choose to spin them into yarn. In order to spin flax fibres, the raw material must first be divided into smaller, easier-to-handle fibres. After that, these fibres are spun into a continuous strand of yarn that has several uses.

To spin flax fibres, the first step is to harvest the plants and extract the fibres from the stalks. This can be a labour-intensive process, but it is essential to ensure that the fibres are of high quality. Once the fibres have been extracted, they must be cleaned and processed to remove any impurities.

The fibres are prepared to be spun into yarn after being washed. A spinning wheel or drop spindle can be used for this. The finished yarn can subsequently be used for knitting, weaving, and embroidery, among other things.

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Flax fibres are incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of applications, including spinning, felting, and papermaking. Whether you are a fibre artist, a papermaker, or just someone interested in exploring the many uses of this amazing material, flax fibres are definitely worth exploring. 

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