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Ashford Weaving Looms

Ashford Weaving Looms to Suit your Style

Choose from the collection of Ashford looms designed to suit a range of budgets, uses, and skill levels.

Our available Ashford weaving looms includes portable Ashford inkle looms, rigid heddle looms that include the SampleIt and knitters looms, table looms that fold for ease of storage, transport and have up to 16 shafts, and the ever-popular and compact jack style floor loom. We have a complete range of Ashford weaving looms in Australia.

Ashford Tapestry Loom & Frame Looms

Looking to make wall art? The frame and tapestry looms are designed to bring your ideas to life. We know that tapestry weaving is a special craft that requires time, dedication, and the right equipment. Ashford tapestry looms and frame looms are simple to warp and weave, making them a perfect option for weaving newcomers. Choose from small to large frame and tapestry looms.

Ashford Inkle and Inklette Looms

The Ashford inkle and inklette looms are great for weaving decorative bands, braids, trims, and many more. Made from solid Silver Beech hardwood, these looms already come with essential weaving accessories, as well as a guide book to help you get started with inkle weaving right away. These weaving looms are great for entry-level weavers looking to try their hand at the craft. Expand your techniques as your experience level progresses.

Ashford Rigid Heddle Weaving Looms

Of all the weaving loom varieties there are in today’s market, rigid heddle looms are usually the first go-to looms of aspiring textile artists. Depending on the rigid heddle loom size, you can do your weaving on your lap, against a table, or a weaving stand for bigger sizes. Ashfords range of rigid heddle looms include the Ashford SampleIt looms, Ashford Knitters looms, and rigid heddle looms. All the Ashford rigid heddle looms use the direct warping method making them quick and easy to warp and weave. These are the perfect introduction to weaving.

Ashford Table Loom

The table looms from ashford are versatile and easy to use. this type of weaving loom would suit both experienced weavers beginners who want a that will adapt as they continue expand their draft possibilities. get enjoy different styles shafts. come in numbers shafts allow create wide range projects.>

Ashford Floor Loom

Floor looms are ideal for weavers who are looking to work on longer or wider weaving projects. The Ashford floor loom is a Jack-style loom that is compact, easy to treadle, and will allow you to weave larger projects with ease. The Ashford floor loom has 8 shafts with 10 treadles and is compatible with several weaving loom accessories to make your weaving even more efficient. Generally speaking, weaving on a floor loom is much faster as its shafts are operated by feet, freeing up the weaver’s arms to focus on throwing the shuttle.

Ashford Weaving Supplies

Ashford has a range of weaving supplies to complement your weaving style. Whether you are looking for a warping mill, weaving shuttle, additional heddles, or weaving yarn, you will find what you need with the range of Ashford weaving supplies. The Ashford range will bring your weaving dreams to life!

Why Buy Ashford Looms from Thread Collective?

Thread Collective is a family-run business that is passionate about weaving and providing the best weaving looms and supplies to local fibre artists. When you buy Ashford looms from this shop, you're not only supporting a local business, you are also helping nurture the industry and craft you love. Browse our collections of Ashford looms for sale and get started on your exciting weaving journey soon!

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