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Ashford Inkle Loom

 Inkle, Tablet, Card Weaving Loom 

The Ashford Inkle loom is the perfect loom for weaving warp-faced decorative braids, bands, trims, and belts. The Ashford Inkle loom is the larger of the two inkle styles Ashford sells and can create long woven braids up to 2.8m in length (the smaller inkle loom is the Ashford Inklette). 

Inkle looms are great looms to learn to weave on as they are easy to use and allow you to expand your techniques as your experience levels increase. The Inkle loom is great for making belts, straps, dog leads, and much more. With an Inkle loom, you can weave simple through to intricate patterns, or embellish using a variety of different yarns, beads, and colours.

The Ashford Inkle looms portable design gives you the freedom and flexibility to weave where you want. It has been designed to support high-tensioned warps and allows the warp to be adjusted using a tension-adjusting block. Made in New Zealand from solid Silver Beech hardwood, the Ashford Inkle loom comes with a belt shuttle, clamp, and instructions book. The Inkle loom is compact and allows for easy storage.

Belt shuttles can be purchased for when you want to use a variety of weft colours.

The Ashford Inkle loom can also be for tablet (also known as a card) weaving. Common yarns used on the Ashford Inkle loom are cotton and linen yarns. The image below has been woven by @tanjabliss using Maurice Brassard's 8/2 cotton.

Woven Inkle Loom Badn


    • Finish:Natural
    • Assembly:Required
    • Warp Length:Warp Length up to 280cm (110")

    Ashford Inkle Loom Included Accessories

    • Belth Shuttle
    • Clamp
    • Step-by-Step Instruction Booklet

    Ashford Inkle Loom Optional Accessories


     Additional Belt Shuttle