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Using Texsolv Heddles: A Quick Guide for Weavers

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Louet David Loom with Texsolv Heddles - Thread Collective Australia
A photo of the Louet David loom with Texsolv heddles.

Texsolv. Metal. String. In the world of loom weaving, you are surely going to encounter heddles. Heddles are a fundamental part of a weaving loom. Each warp thread passes through a heddle, separating the warp threads and making space for the passage of the weft.

What are Texsolv Heddles?

Texsolv heddles are made of durable polyester. These are lightweight and come in various lengths to fit most table looms and floor looms. Often sold in bundles of 100, heddles slide easily on the shafts and do not stretch. The material is crocheted without knots and this open construction facilitates threading, as well as eliminates friction on the warp. Texsolv heddles are now the most commonly used heddle variety.

Texsolv heddles for the Ashford table looms - Thread Collective Australia
Texsolv for Ashford table looms. (Image courtesy of Ashford Wheels and Looms)

How do you use heddles?

The Texsolv system is designed to slide easily onto your weaving loom shafts. They can be cut or kept together. When warping, individual warp threads pass through the eye of the heddle.

Texsolv heddles on a multi-shaft weaving loom - Thread Collective Australia
Texsolv heddles on a multi-shaft weaving loom.

Heddles are used in a weaving loom to organize the warp threads and are joined to the shafts which are lifted in different orders depending on your weaving draft.

As the warp threads are strung through the heddles, a shed is formed. To create weaves or patterns, change the shed by using the shafts on the loom.

Metal Heddles versus Texsolv Heddles

Firstly, let’s start by saying not all weaving looms can be converted to Texsolv heddles, some have been designed to use the additional weight that metal heddles. If in doubt, please contact your loom manufacturer.

The debate between metal and Texsolv heddles plays out regularly in guilds and on Facebook groups. Let's address the main reasons to use one over the other.

There is significantly less warp friction with Texsolv heddles and, therefore, often less breakage when working with fine fibres such as silk.

Generally, metal heddles are considered easier to thread but also tend to create noise as you are weaving. Texsolv heddles, on the other hand, are lightweight and quiet.

There is less maintenance with Texsolv heddles. Metal heddles can deteriorate with age often causing rusting and causing abrasion to the yarns.

How to Set Up Texsolv Heddles on the Loom

  1. Each bundle has 100 heddles. Start with one bundle at a time.
  2. Do not remove the bundle clips until the bundle is mounted on the shaft of your loom.
  3. Find the end loops and ensure the heddles do not get tangled up before mounting.
  4. Mount the Texsolv heddle bundle onto your loom's shaft through the end loops. Feel free to move the bundle to the desired position.
  5. Carefully remove the first two clips on one end and then remove the other two on the opposite side.
  6. Find the first heddle in the bundle and separate it from the others. Repeat for the rest of the other heddles.

The video below from Texsolv demonstrates how easy Texsolv heddles are to install.

An instructional video on how to install Texsolv heddles.

How to Replace a Texsolv Heddle on the Loom

To replace a heddle in your loom, you would need a repair heddle. It looks like a normal heddle on one end, but the other end is open. There are repair heddles in different sizes sold online or you can make your own.

  1. Mount the loop side of the repair heddle over the top shaft of your loom.
  2. Pull the repair heddle through the outer heddles until it reaches the desired position.
  3. Ensure that the bottom threads of the repair heddle sit on each side of the bottom shaft.
  4. Tie the repair heddle around the bottom shaft and cut off the leftover threads.

Choosing the Right Heddles for Your Loom

Texsolv heddles are easily set up on the weaving loom shafts.
Texsolv heddles are easily set up on the weaving loom shafts.

What size heddle do I need?

This is a question that often gets asked, especially when you are just starting out. The answer will vary from loom to loom. While some looms do already come with Texsolv heddles, it's important to know the heddle size being used in your loom for when it's time to replace them.

The table below shows different weaving looms with their compatible heddle lengths and heddle eye size.

Weaving Looms that Use Texsolv Heddles






Mirrix Mirrix Looms w/ extended shed
Louet Erica
12 Louet Jane, Magic Dobby
12 AVL Workshop Dobby
12 Glimakra Victoria
12 Ashford InkletteKatie, 4, 8 & 16 Shaft Table Loom
12 Schacht Inkle
12 Glimakra Band
12 Leclerc Dorothy, Voyageur
12 Schacht Baby WolfMighty Wolf, Standard
12 Ashford Jack Floor, Inkle Loom
12 Leclerc Compact, Artisat, Fanny II, Mira II
12 Glimakra Standard CM & CB
12 Louet David
318mm Blue 12 Leclerc Colonial, Nilus II
12 Louet Delta, Octado
12 Schacht Cranbrook
12 AVL A-Series
12 Louet Spring, Megado
3" single eye 3" Mirrix Looms Mirrix Looms 
4" single eye 4" Schacht Arras


Using Texsolv Heddles for the Inkle Loom

When using Texsolv heddles on your inkle loom, it is important to note that Texsolv heddles must be cut apart at the top and bottom in the centre of the loop in order to be used for inkle weaving. Once separated, simply fold the Texsolv heddle in half, position it over the warp strings, and loop both ends around the warp peg.

How to Measure Texsolv Heddles

If your weaving loom is not listed in the table above, you can measure to get the correct heddle length. To determine the heddle length needed for your loom, measure from the top of the top heddle bar to the bottom of the bottom heddle bar.

On the other hand, if you already have some Texsolv heddles but you're not sure of the size, simply stretch one heddle and hold it against a measuring tape or ruler to determine the length.

measuring the length of Tesxolv heddles
Measuring the length of Texsolv heddles.

Invest in Good Quality Heddles

Replacing the heddles on your loom can be quite taxing and it's an inconvenience to replace them frequently. Because of this, investing in good quality heddles is essential as it makes your weaving journey more enjoyable and efficient. Since Texsolv heddles are made of durable polyester, they'll last longer and you can focus on the weaving itself rather than the repairs.

Thread Collective offers Texsolv heddles in bundles of 100 for almost all weaving loom types, click here to purchase.

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