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AVL K-Series Computer Dobby Weaving Loom

The world's most advanced handloom for complex weaving

So you’re a complex weaver? Great! Then you value equipment that gives you precision over your creativity without causing distractions. You also appreciate the ergonomic design and intuitive interfaces that let you maintain focus on what’s most important - your art.

Honouring AVL’s tradition of innovation, the K-Series introduces new and improved technologies and design that offer unmatched creative potential. For the first time treadling 40 shafts is not just made possible, it’s made easy. Warp movement works with you as you weave, and adjustments come with the tap of a button. Connecting your laptop, tablet, or phone is straightforward and instant. Technology assists where it needs to, and the weavers’ touch is left to shine.

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Highlights of the K-Series Computer Dobby Loom

  • Compu-Dobby®

    • Built-in loom control via web browser. No software or driver installations needed.

    • WiFi, USB connect-ability.

    • Built-in pattern storage. Save designs on the Compu-Dobby.

    • Advanced diagnostics to prevent downtime. No more surprises!

    • Easily connect to laptop, tablet, phone for loom control. 

  • Countermarch Dobby

    • Centre-shedding means bigger sheds for easier weaving.

    • Dobby equals no crawling under the loom for tie-ups or remembering complicated treadling sequences.

    • Perfectly balanced to ensure light-touch treadling up to 40 harnesses.

    • No lift-assist necessary.

    • Again, treadling is light! Weaving hours on end is a walk in the park. 

  • Digital tension and advancing systems

    • Digital dynamic warp tension and cloth advance systems.

    • Adjustments made at the press of a button.

    • Digital control means continuous weaving without interruptions. A project can be woven from start to finish without pausing to advance or adjust tension. 

  • Ergonomics

    • Small footprint - easy to work around and perfect for home or studio.

    • Beam cover protects arms from scratching on the sticky breast beam.

    • Adjustable bench with height and seat-tilt adjustability for comfort.

    • Built-in shelf for handy convenience.

    • Our quietest Compu-Dobby® ever. Keep your partners and pets happy!