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Tencel Weaving Yarn Ne 8/2 - Maurice Brassard

Naturally Sustainable Shimmer and Drape

Tencel is a wonderful warm-weather yarn that offers strength, moisture absorption and durability. Tencel is soft on the skin and offers drape and shine in weaving projects.  

Tencel is made through a man-made process using naturally regenerated wood pulp.  The wood fibres are sourced from sustainable plantations including eucalyptus farms and the yarn is 100% bio-degradable. 

Fibre Name


Size (g)

227g spool (1530m)

Size (lb)

1/2lb spool (1680yds)

Fibre Content

100% rayon from wood pulp

Yarn Count Ne

Ne 8/2

Yarn Count Nm

Nm 14/2

Meters per Kilo

6770m per kilo

Yards Per Pound

3360 yards per pound


2-ply with a tight twist

Yarn Delivery

Cardboard Spool

Suggested Sett

18-24 epi


The colours shown are indicative only and are subject to slight colour variations between dye batches.  

Get a Sample Colour Card

Not sure which colours to get? Purchase a Maurice Brassard Tencel Sample Card and see your options. Sample cards are available and are recommended for true colours.

PREORDERS and Out-of-Stock Items

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