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Animal Fibres: Fibre for Spinning & Felting

Premium Quality Wool and Silk Fibres

Animal fibres include wool from animals like sheep, alpaca, angora rabbits, cashmere and mohair goats, as well as silk from insects like silkworms. You can spin these fibres to create your own yarns or use them for spinning to create patterns or beautiful, life-like animal figures.

Why Use Animal Fibre for Spinning & Felting

Animal fibres are an essential element in felting and spinning. These natural fibres come from a variety of animals, including camels, alpacas, llamas, and sheep. Animal fibres offer special qualities that make them perfect for making high-quality textiles. One example is wool, which is well-known for its insulating and durable qualities.

These fibres are distinct from wool because of their special qualities. For instance, alpaca fibres are so soft and light that they are ideal for crafting delicate garments like shawls and scarves. Yak strands are renowned for their warmth and tenderness, whereas camel fibres are extremely strong and maintain their shape well. Overall, animal fibres give spinners and felters a variety of alternatives for producing high-quality, attractive, and useful textiles.

The most common animal fibre used for spinning and felting is wool. It comes from sheep and possesses wonderful features like the capacity to maintain its shape, fend off wrinkles, and act as a heat and cold insulator. Wool is a fantastic material for constructing comfortable clothing because it is also very absorbent. Wool fibres also feature scales that cause them to adhere to one another, producing a sturdy and long-lasting material.

Top 3 Animal Fibres Used for Felting

  1. Wool. This fibre obtained from sheep, is a versatile and widely used animal fibre. Wool is renowned for its superior insulation qualities, which make it perfect for cozy clothing and blankets. From exquisite lace to thick wool appropriate for outerwear, wool fibres can be spun into a variety of yarn weights. Additionally, wool has a built-in elasticity that gives the finished item sturdiness and durability.
  2. Alpaca. This fibre comes from the domesticated South American alpaca, known for its softness and luxurious feel. Alpaca fibres are ideal for comfy clothing and accessories since they are lightweight, hypoallergenic, and warmer than wool. Alpaca fibre can be spun into fine, medium, or bulky weights and come in a variety of natural colours to suit a variety of craft projects.
  3. Angora. This fibre is derived from the soft, fluffy coat of the Angora rabbit. This fibre is incredibly warm, lightweight, and has a distinctive halo effect. Angora yarns are prized for their softness and are often blended with other fibres to create luxurious blends for scarves, shawls, and delicate garments.

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