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Schacht End Feed Shuttle - 12" & 15"

Specially Designed for Handweavers 

The lightweight Schacht End Feed Shuttles are some of the best shuttles out there that have been designed especially and specifically for handweavers. These weaving accessories are comfortable to throw and catch, are adjustable to different types of yarns, and are super easy to thread.

Thread Collective offers the Schacht End Feed Delivery Shuttles in 33cm (12") & 39cm (15″) sizes.  Schacht offers plastic pirns in 6" and 8" lengths to fit their end delivery shuttles. 

How the End Feed Shuttle Works

Instead of a free-spinning bobbin, the end-delivery shuttle uses a pirn that remains unmoving. The weft yarn unwinds off the pirn’s tip when the shuttle is moving and stops unwinding when the shuttle stops. The yarn comes off the pirn and goes through a set of tension pads and is released from the shuttle at a constant tension. This even delivery of weft leads to less draw-in, which makes better selvedge as a result.

You don't even have to handle the weft yarn at all. Simply adjust the tension with the enclosed Allen wrench to suit the yarn in use and let your shuttle do the work. You'll see how your weaving process becomes faster and more efficient.