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Top 10 Items to Take Your Floor Loom Weaving to the Next Level

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Nicky of Thread Collective on her Schacht loom (Copyright:
Nicky of Thread Collective on her Schacht loom

Floor loom weaving has been around for many years. It is a well-loved weaving method across the globe because it is extremely versatile. With a floor loom, you can weave a wide variety of large items, including tapestries, rugs, heavy blankets, and wall hangings.

Have you been floor loom weaving for some time and want to make your weaving experience a little easier? We have pulled together a list of nice-to-haves floor loom weaving tools and accessories.

1. Warping Wheel

Introducing the AVL Warping Wheel

The warping wheel makes sectional warping faster and more efficient. It was introduced by the AVL brand in 2000. Twenty-two years later, this amazing warping tool is still one of their most sought-after products. It is the ultimate sectional warping tool for hobbyists to production weavers, especially since it has a built-in tensioning system that helps you save time during the warping stage.

2. Patent Denter

How to Use a Patent Denter

It may look like something you'd find in a kitchen, but this tool is actually very useful. A patent denter helps you sley a metal weaving reed much faster and avoid missing any dents. Save time with the AVL Patent Denter, which makes sleying your reed super easy as it travels from dent to dent. Unlike the standard reed hook, you won't need to pull the denter completely out as you work from one dent to the next, allowing you to get floor loom weaving quicker.

3. End-Feed Shuttles

Schacht End-Feed Shuttles for floor loom weaving
Schacht End-Feed Shuttles

End-feed shuttles are lightweight weaving shuttles that are easy to throw and catch and are adjustable to different yarn types. These shuttles make managing selvedges effortless and unlike regular boat weaving shuttles that use free-spinning bobbins, end-delivery weaving shuttles use pirns.

When using an end-feed shuttle, the weft thread is held under tension, which allows it to be released from the pirn at a controlled pace when weaving, resulting in even selvedges. Here at Thread Collective, we have a range of end-feed shuttles from Schacht. These lightweight shuttles come in two sizes, 33cm (12") and 39cm (15"), and you can adjust the tension with an allen key to make it compatible with any yarn you are weaving with. Schacht also has plastic pirns to fit their end-feed shuttles.

4. Weaving Temples

Louet Weaving Temples
Louet Weaving Temples

A weaving temple, which can be made of metal or wood, is an adjustable stretcher that assists in maintaining the warp width on the loom. This is a handy tool because it can prevent narrowing and improve the edges of your woven fabric.

We recommend the Louet weaving templesand Leclerc weaving temples, which are made of wood and are designed to help you keep your salvages straight. These come in various base sizes to suit your preferred weaving width.

5. Warp Weights

Ashford Warp Thread Weights
Ashford Warp Thread Weights

Warp weights are ideal for floor loom weaving and are used to hold floating selvedges, as well as supplementary or broken warp threads under tension during the weaving process. We recommend the Ashford warp weights, which are sold in pairs and feature steel weights to adjust tension and hooks on both ends.

6. Weaving Books

Weaving books collection for floor loom weaving
Weaving books collection at Thread Collective

One of the best ways to polish your floor loom weaving skills is by reading and learning from experts in the field. If you are interested in learning new techniques, weaving books are amazing resources for weavers of all levels.

Our collection of weaving books here at Thread Collective has everything you need to know about weaving, from basic techniques aimed at beginners to teaching experienced weavers how to do complex weaving projects. We have books authored by Peggy Osterkamp, Marian Stubenitsky, Lindsey Campbell, Anne Dixon, and many more.

7. Threading Hooks

Schacht Heddle Hook
Schacht Heddle Hook

Threading hooks are used for multi-shaft looms, just like floor looms. The long blade on this tool will assist you in reaching the back shafts, so choosing a hook with the proper size will significantly help with your threading. Thread Collective offers threading hooks from leading brands like Schacht, Leclerc, and AVL. These come in a variety of blade lengths that are compatible with different multi-shaft looms.

8. Second Warp Beam

Second Warp Beams for floor loom weaving
Second Warp Beam for the Louet David

If you are looking to wind two warps for a double weave or work with a mixed-weight warp, a second warp beam is what you need to get the job done. Different floor looms have different size warp beams tailored to them. Second warp beams are available for most of our floor looms.

9. Daylight Lamp

Daylight Company Omega 7 - Thread Collective Australia

Daylight lamps can provide you with much help especially when you are weaving in low-light conditions. The easiest way to make sure you have enough lighting in your working area is to attach a lamp with a bendable or adjustable neck onto your floor loom.

We recommend the Omega 7or Omega 5craft lights from Daylight Company. These lamps feature an adjustable spring arm that allows for precise positioning and a clamp base that attaches securely to your loom or a table. If you are unable to attach the lamp directly onto your loom, you may also purchase a floor standfor your lamp.

10. Sample Cards

Ada Fibres Recycled Cotton Sample Card
Ada Fibres Recycled Cotton Sample Card

It's surely exciting when you are planning a big weaving project on a floor loom. However, it can also become overwhelming, especially when you are trying to match your concept and vision with yarn colours that you are seeing only on a computer screen.

What if the colours don't match what you currently have? What if the colours on the screen are way different from the actual colours? Sample cards will help you avoid spending too much on the wrong colours for your project and having to purchase a new batch. We offer a wide range of sample cards for Maurice Brassard yarns, ITO yarns, and Venne yarns at very affordable prices.

Create Beautiful Woven Fabric on a Floor Loom

Now that you have a list of the top nice-to-have items to take your floor loom weaving to the next level, it will be so much easier for you to know what to buy, depending on what your next project needs. You may not need all of these things all at once, but if you are weaving on your floor loom on a regular basis, it will be very convenient to have them handy.

If you don't have a floor loom yet, feel free to browse our collection and choose one that suits your needs. We have floor looms from AVL, Schacht, Louet, Ashford, Leclerc, and Gilmakra. We offer phone consultations should you need help in deciding what floor loom to get. Feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to assist.

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