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AVL Warping Wheel

Fast, Easy, and Efficient Warping Tool

The AVL Warping Wheel makes sectional warping fast and efficient. The ultimate sectional warping tool for hobbyists to production weavers. 

Optional items with Warping Wheel

  1. Cone Caddy
  2. Cross Maker

AVL Warping Wheel Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use! By far the quickest way to warp sectional beams under 25 yards. There's no set limit to warp length, but above 25 yards it gets trickier to pack all the warp on the Warping Wheel spools. 

  • Warp directly from different size cones. Don't fuss with winding spools! 

  • Freedom of designing as you go, changing colour sequences across the warp without complicated pre-calculations and additional spool winding.

  • Measures your warp for you! The Wheel adjusts from a circumference of two to three yards, allowing you to put on warps of up to 25 yards.

  • With a built-in tensioning system, the AVL Warping Wheel will also save you from one time-consuming part of standard sectional warping: threading the tension box. You wind directly from the wheel onto the beam!

  • Adjustable height. Short or tall, seated or standing, the Warping Wheel can be adjusted to the correct height to make it comfortable for you!

  • Lap joints ("v"-shaped) have been added to key intersections making the arm that supports winding onto the beam much sturdier. 

  • Digital revolution counter makes keeping track of yardage easy! (AA battery provided and easy to replace). 

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