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AVL Electric Bobbin Winder

Smooth, Consistent Winding

The AVL Electric Bobbin Winder makes winding bobbins, pirns, spools or even cones efficient, easy, and quick. 2-Year AVL Warranty.

AVL Electric Bobbin Winder Features

  1. Auto Tensioner improves the quality and consistency of winding.
  2. Durable Stainless Steel Points increase tool life.
  3. Precision bearings guarantee smooth winding.
  4. A variable-speed motor lets you control the winding speed.
  5. Sliding Thread Guide affords you better thread control when winding on.
  6. Heavy hardwood base and rubber feet eliminate tool creep.
  7. Spring-loaded pirn holding lets you load and unload quickly.
  8. Conveniently mounted thread-cutter eliminates the need for snips.
  9. Adjustable points fit most bobbins, spools, or pirns used by handweavers.
  10. Yardage Counter tracks yarn usage. (optional)
  11. Bobbin-Winding Guide makes you an instant pirn winding expert. (optional)

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