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AVL Bobbin Winding Guide

Helping you create a package perfectly wound to fit your AVL Shuttle.

The AVL Bobbin Winding Guide is used in conjunction with the AVL Electric Bobbin Winder.

A perfect package, of course, is a tightly wound pirn of a consistent diameter sized to exactly fit the package area of the shuttle, not too large, not too small, just right. 

AVL Bobbin Winding Guide Features and Benefits

  • Tighter windings mean more yarn per bobbin, resulting in fewer bobbin changes and less interruption in your weaving.
  • Consistent windings aid yarn delivery, which improves the speed and action of your shuttle. Increase your weaving speed immediately with an AVL Winding Guide. Made from one of several select hardwoods.
  • Made of durable ash hardwood, this tool will last a lifetime.