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Schacht Standard Floor Loom

Schacht's High Castle Weaving Loom

The Schacht Standard Floor Loom is available in 91cm (36") and 114cm (45") weaving widths. Both maple-high castle floor looms function in the same way. Choose either the 8-shaft model or the 4Now-4Later model to add more shafts at any time.

The number of shafts you choose will depend on what kind of weaving you plan to do. If you are interested in pattern drafting and weave structures, an 8-shaft floor loom will allow you to fully develop this interest.

Schacht Standard Floor Loom Features

  • High castle with a storage stray and slots for extension lamp.
  • Quick and easy-to-use tie-up system.
  • A back beam that folds with or without a warp on the loom.
  • Removable back and breast beams.
  • Friction-reducing aluminium shaft channels.
  • Adjustable open-sided beater.
  • Underslung jack mechanism to raise the shafts.


  • Weaving width: 91cm (36"), 114cm (45")
  • Overall width: 111cm (44"), 134cm (53")
  • Height at Breast Beam: 81m (32")
  • Height High Castle: 117cm (46″)
  • Depth Open: 96cm (38")
  • Depth Folded: 66cm (26")
  • Weight 8-Shaft: 56kg (125lb), 64kg (141lb)
  • Weight 4Now-4Later: 50kg (110lb), 57kg (125lb)
  • Weight High Castle: +4.5kg (+10lb)
  •  Weight Shipping: 6.8kg (15lb), 7.26kg (16lb)
  • Weight 4Later Kit: +12.25kg (+27lb)
  • Heddles-8 Shaft: 1000
  • Heddles 4Now-4Later: 1000 

Included Accessories

Optional Accessories


Important Note:

The 4 Now-4 Later model is an 8-shaft loom shipped with 4 shafts installed and the space to add an additional 4 shafts. You can purchase a kit to add 4 shafts at a later time. These looms are shipped with all the heddles, tie-ups, and other items normally included with an 8-shaft loom.

Ordering Information

The Schacht Standard floor loom is ordered on request. To order we require a 30% deposit with the balance payable when the loom is ready to ship.