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Schacht Floor Loom Benches

Wooden Benches for a Comfortable Weaving Experience

Choose from Maple or Cherry Schacht Floor Loom Benches to make your weaving experience more comfortable. It's a great companion to your Schacht Wolf Weaving Loom or standard floor loom. Additionally, you can purchase bench bags along with the bench or add them later.

Schacht Floor Loom Bench Features

The bench seat height is adjustable from 48.3cm (19″) to 61cm (24″) and can be set up in a flat or slanted seat position. You'll enjoy unrestricted motion since the bench doesn't have any side posts. It also has a storage bin below the seat that can hold your weaving accessories.

Assembled size

  • 76.2cm (30″) wide x 25.4cm (10″) deep at the seat
  • 35.6cm (14″) deep at the base

Storage Bags

The main image shows the maple bench with 2 of the storage bags fitted (bags sold individually). If you have a cherry bench, please contact us for availability and pricing.