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Ashford 16 Shaft - 80cm Table Weaving Loom | Limited Edition

Pre-order the new 80cm table loom now!

The Ashford 16 Shaft Table Loom is one of the most popular Ashford table looms as it is easy and versatile to use. Ashford is now opening pre-orders for a limited edition 80cm (32") table loom.

Pre-order deadline: March 15, 2024
Despatch: June 15, 2024
Pre-order now and secure a $100 gift voucher with your purchase.

The new 80cm 16-shaft table loom features the same functional design with 33% more weaving width than the current 60cm (24") offering.

This loom would suit experienced weavers and beginners who want a loom that will adapt as they expand their draft possibilities. It features an overhead beater, which has an automatic bounce back. This gives a wonderful shed and even beating.

The loom's leavers are within easy reach for comfortable weaving. Each shaft can be lifted simply and quickly and is independent, enabling a wide variety of patterns to be woven. The solid Silver Beech hardwood is lacquered for long-lasting good looks. Non-slip rubber feet give extra stability. Swedish stainless steel reed and 1280 lightweight Texsolv heddles are included. Plus there is a wide range of options and accessories available.

A floor stand for the 16-shaft 80cm Ashford Table Loom is also available for pre-order. 



  • Smooth lacquer finish
  • Portable
  • Easy to use and versatile
  • Ideal for beginner and experienced weavers
  • Folds flat for storage with weaving in place
  • Overhead beater with automatic bounce back