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Ashford Stainless Steel Reeds

Rust-Proof Reeds for Your Weaving Loom

Use these high-quality 12.5 cms (5") Swedish Stainless Reeds to separate and space warp threads, push the weft threads into place, and guide the shuttle's motion across the loom.

These useful loom accessories are available in standard lengths to fit Ashford table looms.

Ashford Reed Sizes

  • Katie Loom (31cm)
  • Table Loom (41cm)
  • Table Loom (61cm)
  • Table Loom (80cm)
  • Jack Loom (97cm)


6dpi (24/10cm)
8dpi (32/10cm)
10dpi (40/10cm)
12dpi (48/10cm)
16dpi (64/10cm)
12.5cm (5")
Table looms
Jack loom