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Leclerc Fanny 2 Loom

Four-Shaft Counterbalance Loom

The Leclerc Fanny 2 Loom is one of the brand's four-shaft counterbalance model Looms that have been favourites of handweavers for over 60 years. There are hundreds of these looms being used throughout North America and around the world.

Compact, solid, and featuring ease of treadle reach, the Fanny looms are favoured by most weavers due to the comfort these offer during long weaving sessions. Leclerc's solid design allows weaving the full range of fabric including rugs.

With that, Leclerc decided to enhance the make improvements to the popular loom by introducing the Fanny 2.

All Fanny 2 looms incorporate Leclerc's exclusive shed regulator, which is a unique mechanism that provides a quick simple switch from balanced to unbalanced weaves with minimum adjustment. It provides the same versatility as a Jack Loom, but with the advantage of full control over top and bottom shed openings offered by the counterbalance design.

The counterbalance shed is wide and clean on every pick over the full range of four-shaft weaves, including the higher tension rug designs.

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Leclerc Fanny 2 Loom Features & Specifications

Weaving width 90cm (36") 115cm (45") 150cm (60")
Number of heddles 1000 1200 1500
Loom Width 117cm (48")  140cm (55") 178cm (70")
Depth when open 93cm (36½") 93cm ( 36½") 93cm ( 36½")
Depth when folded 63cm (25") 63cm (25") 63cm (25")
Height  142cm (56") 142cm (56") 142cm (56")
Front height 79cm (31¼") 79cm (31¼") 79cm (31¼")
Net weight 58kg (118 lbs) 59kg (130 lb) 72kg (258 lbs)



Leclerc Fanny 2 Loom Standard Equipment

Optional Accessories

Sectional Warp Beam (1" or 2" Sections)
        Flying Shuttle
Double Warp Beam