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Leclerc Clip Temple Kit

Accessory for Leclerc Weaving Looms

The Leclerc Clip Temple Kit is designed to address a common challenge faced by weavers – maintaining an even tension across the width of the warp. The temples are equipped with strong, yet gentle, clips that hold the warp threads in place, ensuring consistent tension throughout your weaving project.

This kit is compatible with all Leclerc loom models.

What's Inside the Leclerc Clip Temple Kit?

  • 2 x Clips with loop cords
  • 2 x Clips for heavier cloth
  • 2 x Short weights app.  - 7.62cm (3”)
  • 2 x Long weights  - app. 25.4cm (10”)
  • 2 x Medium weights -  app. 15.24cm (6”)
  • 4 x Eye screws