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Ashford 8 Shaft Floor Loom

Compact Floor Loom by Ashford

The Ashford floor loom has returned to the Ashford loom range due to popular demand. This loom is a jack style with 8 shafts, 10 treadles and a 97cm weaving width.  It is a compact floor loom that can deliver an array of weaving projects. 

Ashford floor looms have a smooth lacquered finish and their folding back make this loom great for storing in small spaces and ease of transport. The jack design provides a large rising shed and the bottom beater has a built-in race to ensure smooth weaving and no more dropped shuttles. 

The Ashford floor loom has been designed to be quiet with smooth parallel lamms.  Advancing your warp is made easy with an easy action steel ratchet warp advancement and rear friction brake. The Ashford floor comes with a built-in raddle, castle shelf and removable front and rear beams. 

A range of included accessories are available when you order this loom: 

  • 12dpi (48/10) stainless steel reed
  • 35cm (14") boat shuttle
  • 5 cross sticks
  • 10 wooden warpsticks
  • 100 x texsolv heddles per shaft