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Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom - 40cm, 60cm, 80cm & 120cm

Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom 

The Ashford Rigid Heddle weaving loom is affordable, easy to use, quick to assemble, and versatile enough to allow a variety of projects. The loom comes with everything you need to get started, you just need to add yarn of your choice. 

Weaving on the Ashford Rigid Heddle is easy, fun, and allows you to express yourself through colour and texture. It's great for making scarfs, fabric panels, wall hangings, and a range of unique homewares. 

Made from solid timber, the natural Silver Beech hardwood is strong and made to last. The Ashford rigid heddle is similar to the Ashford SampleIt and Ashford knitters loom, but it has been made of a sturdier timber and does not fold.  

The Ashford rigid heddle has a built-in second heddle option allowing for the flexibility to create double-width cloth, layers, and additional patterns using a pick-up stick. The blocks are notched in place to secure the heddles when weaving. The Ashford Rigid Heddle looms are available in 4 weaving widths 40, 60, 80, and 120cm.

What's Included

The package includes a 7.5-dent heddle, 2 stick shuttles, 2 threading hooks, table clamps, and a weaving book to get you started. It comes with a raw finish and requires assembly.  

Additional Options for the rigid heddle loom include additional heddles ranging from 2.5 to 15 dpi. Ashford also offers a Vari Dent with will produce beautiful textured patterns. Loom Stands are also available to provide the added flexibility of where and when you weave with the table stand turning your rigid heddle into a tapestry style loom.