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Shuttle End-Feed Honex Boat Shuttles | Bluster Bay

End-Feed Boat Shuttles

Thread Collective is excited to offer Bluster Bay handcrafted shuttles made in a range of Australian timbers. The Honex End Feed Shuttles (EFS) are available in 11" & 15" with open and closed bottoms.

For perfect selvedges and speedy weaving, many weavers prefer end-feed boat shuttles. These boat shuttles use special end-feed bobbins called pirns that do not spin. Rather, the yarn is released off the end of the stationary pirn, through a tensioning device and then out the side of the shuttle.

End-feed Shuttles with 2 Different Tensioning Systems

  • The Honex tensioner really excels with smooth, evenly spun yarns in a wide range of sizes from very fine silk to 3/2 Perle cotton.
  • Bluster Bay's traditional hook and eye tensioner works well with handspun or slubby yarns, as well as most commercially spun yarn.


  • Very easy to thread
  • Well balanced
  • Very fine tension adjustment to handle a wide range of yarn weights
  • Available with either open or closed bottoms

11″ Honex Tensioned End-Feed Boat Shuttles

This is a smaller Honex tensioned end-feed shuttle than any others we’ve found. Depending upon the wood choice they can also be very lightweight. These end-feed shuttles are perfect for:

  • Fine, smooth yarn
  • Use with any kind of loom, including table looms or floor looms with small sheds
  • Weavers with small hands

These shuttles are 11.5 inches long, 1.625 inches wide and 1.25 inches tall. The aluminium spindles are spring-loaded and designed to carry our lightweight and inexpensive tapered paper pirns.

EF-11-O-Hx 11-inch open bottom, Honex tensioned
EF-11-C-Hx 11-inch closed bottom, Honex tensioned

Each Honex tensioned shuttle is shipped with an Allen wrench for adjusting the tensioner.

15″ Honex Tensioned End-Feed Boat Shuttles

Bluster Bay end feed honex 15in weaving shuttle for floor loom Thread Collective Brisbane Australia

Bluster Bays 15-inch end-feed shuttles are a bit smaller than the original 15″ hook-tensioned shuttles. They are just a little narrower, a bit shorter and not quite as wide. The bronze spindles are spring-loaded and designed to carry the new Bluster Bay brand plastic 8″ pirns.

EF-15-O-Hx 15-inch open bottom, Honex tensioned
EF-15-C-Hx 15-inch closed bottom, Honex tensioned

Shipped with an Allen wrench for adjusting the tensioner.

Please see Bluster Bays instructions for tensioning the yarn in your Bluster Bay Honex tensioned end-feed shuttle, and for correctly winding pirns.