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Organic Merino Wool Nm 28/2 - 1kg cones

Fine Organic Wool Yarn

Venne's is known for its high-quality organic yarns and this 100% Merino Wool does not disappoint.  This organic wool is a fine lace weight yarn at NM 28/2 (Ne 16/2 equivalent) and has achieved GOT Certification. It is available in a range of colours on 50g and 1kg cones.

Fibre Name

Organic Merino Wool

Size (g)

1kg cone (14000m)

Size (lb)

2.2lb cone (15310ds)

Fibre Content

100% organic merino wool 

Yarn Count Ne

Ne 16/2

Yarn Count Nm

Nm 28/2

Meters per Kilo

14000m per kilo

Yards Per Pound

6945 yards per pound


2-ply with a tight twist

Yarn Delivery


Suggested Sett

28-32 epi


The colours shown are indicative only and are subject to slight colour variations between dye batches. 

Currently available in 50g cones across all the colours and the 1kg cones ordered on request.

Please note that the 1kg cones rarely have exactly 1kg on them.  An adjustment will be made prior to delivery on the final price. 

You can find out about GOTS certification here.

Get a Sample Card

Not sure which colours to get? Purchase a Venne Organic Merino Sample Card to see your options. Sample cards are recommended for true colours.