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Venne Cottolin Yarns

Premium Blend of Cotton and Linen

Venne's premium cottolin yarns are made from the finest Organic Egyptian Cotton and linen. These luxury yarns have achieved GOTS Certification as Venne has always put an emphasis on producing the highest quality yarns. The long staple length of Egyptian cotton and the ring-spun production method has produced yarn with a natural lustre whilst maintaining the softness in its unmercerised form.

Cottolin Yarn for Weaving

In the field of weaving, cottolin is a highly adaptable yarn. It is made from a combination of cotton and linen fibres, making it both soft and light yet also strong and long-lasting. Cottolin yarns come in a wide range of hues and textures, making them perfect for weavings that are distinctive and aesthetically pleasing.

Weaving towels, napkins, and placemats for the kitchen and dining room is one of the most popular uses for cottolin yarns. These textiles may be used every day and washed repeatedly without losing their form or colour because of their strength and durability. They are also well-liked for making ornamental items that give any place a sense of refinement and opulence, such as table runners and wall hangings.

In addition to its practical applications, cottolin yarns are also often used to make clothes. Since cottolin yarns are light and breathable, shirts, dresses, and skirts made of this fibre are perfect for warmer climates. Additionally, cottolin has a natural lustre that improves the fabric's overall appearance and lends the finished garment a touch of sophistication and elegance.

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