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Table Loom - Jane 16 Shaft 50cm & 70cm | Louet Weaving Loom

The Newest Multi-Shaft Loom from Louet

Discover the Louet Jane 16-Shaft Table Loom, your gateway to weaving magic!

Choose from a 50cm or 70cm weaving width to suit your project's needs, whether it's a cozy scarf or an intricate tapestry. What makes the Jane 16 special is the added shuttle race, which makes weaving smoother and more efficient, saving you time and effort.

If you already have a Jane floor stand, you're in luck! The Jane 16 easily fits on it, so you don't need to invest in extra equipment. And if you have a second warp beam for your existing Jane loom, it works seamlessly with the new Jane 16, giving you even more weaving possibilities.

The Louet Jane 16-Shaft Table Loom is made for weavers, giving you versatility and making your weaving projects easier. It's a fantastic loom to take your weaving skills to the next level and bring your creative ideas to life.

The loom is partially assembled and delivered with the following:

  • Stainless steel reed 40-10
  • 800 (8 bundles) of 1200 (12 bundles) Texsolv heddles 205 mm (50/70)
  • 2 x apron bars
  • 2 x lease sticks
  • 16 warp sticks

Get a closer look at the Jane 16 loom: