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Welcome to Weaving: The Modern Guide | Lindsey Campbell

Welcome to Weaving

Welcome to Weaving: The Modern Guide is a book designed for modern makers looking for inspiration as their skill grows. Lindsey Campbell, the weaver behind the popular blog and brand Hello Hydrangea, teaches more than 30 techniques plus 17 stylish projects for beginners to intermediate-level weavers.
With 400+ detailed photos, Campbell offers just the right blend of learning, encouragement, and great weaving results. An easy tutorial helps you to make your own loom that can be used to complete each project. Learn basic terms and skills for beginner weavers, such as warp and weft, and how to keep your sides straight.
Sections on intermediate techniques and concepts, such as patterns, and how to add embellishments, give you room to grow your skills. Weave more than 17 projects meant to inspire ongoing creativity, from simple tapestries to woven projects such as a necklace and (yes) a chandelier.

Size: 7" x 10" | 718 color images | 160 pp

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