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Anatomy of a Tapestry: Techniques, Materials, Care

Tapestry Explained by Experts

Explore the world of tapestry weaving with the Anatomy of a Tapestry: Techniques, Materials, Care book by Jean Pierre Larochette and Yadin Larochette, with illustrations by Yael Lurie.

A collaboration between talented tapestry artists, this book is an important resource for tapestry weavers looking to get a deeper understanding of their craft.

Argentina-born artist Jean Pierre Larochette grew up in the Aubusson weaving tradition. He and Yael Lurie, a skilled painter from Israel, founded the San Francisco Tapestry Workshop, which was modelled on European traditions. This is said to have revived tapestry weaving in the late part of the 20th century.

Their daughter, Yadin Larochette, started to explore tapestry weaving at the young age of 6. Later on, she had further training and education in weaving, art history, and art conservation.

Their book, Anatomy of a Tapestry, features excellent examples of woven tapestries, along with clear illustrations of each technique and detailed notes on finishing, display, and storage.

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