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Weave Classic Crackle & More

Learning Crackle Weave

Crackle weave is an incredibly versatile weave structure with exciting design potential, including diamond patterns, geometric shapes, and more! Weave Classic Crackle & More by Susan Wilson offers an extensive explanation of drafting the crackle weave structure and weaving classic crackle.

Explore the flexibility of crackle weaving with limitless treadling variations, including an in-depth discussion of polychrome techniques. Learn about the amplified possibilities and unique challenges presented by crackle on weaving looms with more than four shafts.

This book contains over 200 images that illustrate the methods described. Meticulously presented by a renowned weaving expert, this is the first book for American handweavers devoted exclusively to crackle in 50 years.

Author Susan Wilson has been a weaver for more than 40 years. She enjoys pattern weaving, sampling to explore woven structures, and creating household textiles and wearable accessories. She also teaches in conferences and weavers guilds around the US and Canada.

"Weave Classic Crackle & More" Book Details

ISBN 9780764339400
Author Susan Wilson
Format Hardcover
Publication date 01/11/2011
Pages 128
Dimensions 279mm X 216mm

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