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Color and Fiber | Patricia Lambert, Barbara Staepelaere, and Mary G. Fry

Colour and Fibre

Fibre artists will welcome this opportunity to learn how to use and control colour with this monumental and exquisitely beautiful book. Whether they stitch, quilt, weave, work in macrame, hook rugs, knit, crochet, or experiment in mixed media, the artists will benefit from the authors' techniques for solving colour problems.
Colour and Fibre are divided into three sections. The first section presents essential terminology, ideas, and definitions about light and colour as preparation for the problems, projects and ideas which follow. The second section describes how light, dye and pigment work with fibres because individual fibres, yarns and fabrics differ in their responses to light and colour. The ability to solve colour problems depends on the artists' understanding of the fibre's light and colour relationships. The third section presents the practical applications for the information gained in the first two sections. Besides colour mixing and special effects such as iridescence and opalescence, this section examines projects that artists or classes can do to understand colour's part in determining spatial effects, emotional impact and colour systems.
Authors: Patricia Lambert, Barbara Staepelaere, and Mary G. Fry
Please note: This is a US book and I have updated the description to the correct Australian spelling. The book is published with the spelling Color and Fibre


Size: 8 1/2" X 11" | 105 color photos,18 charts, 49 b/w photos, & 71 line drawings | 255 pp

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