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Thread Magic - Weaving for Shape and Texture | Lotte Dalgaard & Paulette Adam

Weaving for Shape & Texture!

Thread Magic by Lotte Dalgaard & Paulette Adam is a beautifully illustrated weaving book that is sure to be a source of inspiration, theory and practical knowledge.

Thread Magic looks into the wonderful world of magical yarns! Create texture and elasticity with thick and thin threads. This hardcover, 144 pages is full of great advice, lots of projects and ideas.

Thread Magic can be used by weavers of all levels. Start creating your textured designs today. 

Looking for active yarns recommended in the book?

Elastic Yarns - Nm 46/2 (97% wool / 3% lycra)

Merino Wool - Nm 28/2 (100% organic merino)

Japenese Crepe - Nm 30/1 (100% wool, single ply)


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