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The Ashford Book of Hand Spinning

Create Your Own Yarns

Coming from the author of the famous Ashford Book of Carding, the Ashford Book of Hand Spinning by Jo Reeve will teach you how to create your own unique yarns through spinning.

Reeve is a fibre artist with 27 years of experience in spinning yarn. In this book, you will learn all about the spinning process from beginning to end, as well as advanced techniques you can use as your spinning skills progress.

The book features step-by-step instructions and full-colour images that will help take you on an exciting journey in the fibre world. Enjoy creating unique yarns using various techniques and fibres!


  1. Making handspun yarn
  2. Spinning Talk
  3. Drafting
  4. Tools for Spinning
  5. Spinning on the Drop Spindle
  6. Plying – Making a two-ply Yarn
  7. Navajo Plying – Making a three-ply Yarn
  8. Yarn by Design
  9. Carding
  10. Fibre for Spinning
  11. Wool
  12. Angora
  13. Alpaca
  14. Silk
  15. Mohair
  16. Tencel
  17. Bamboo
  18. Cotton
  19. Flax
  20. Soybean
  21. Commercially prepared Fibre
  22. Novelty Yarns
  23. Knot Yarn
  24. Spiral Yarn
  25. Boucle
  26. Slub Yarn
  27. Core Spinning
  28. Knitting and Weaving with Handspun Yarn
  29. Projects