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Silk Slub 'Flammé' Spun Silk Nm 10/1 | Swiss Mountain Silk

Textured Spun Slubby Silk Nm 10/1

Silk Mountain Silks are known around the world for their premium silk yarns.  Mulberry silk comes from the Bombyx silkworms that live and feed on white mulberry leaves. The silkworms spin fine cocoons which are spun to create silk that has has a  luscious shine and strength silk is known for. This yarn has been spun to include slubs in the yarn creating a soft and textured yarn.

Fibre Name

Spun Flammé Silk

Size (g)

100g Skein  &  1kg Cone 

Fibre Content

100% spun flammé Mulberry silk

Yarn Count Nm

Nm 10/1

Meters per Kilo

10000m per kilo

Yards Per Pound

4960 yards per pound



Yarn Delivery

skein  &  cone

Country of Origin